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What is the maximum recommended number of tasks per tester?

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Maximum recommended number of tasks is 10 per user. It is not a must, but after that number tester can lose focus and also fatigue can arise and effect the answers.

What option is currently not available for building a tree?

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Depending on the solution there are various ways to build/create a tree in an online application. Most of the apps support creating in application itself or uploading from a CSV. Fewer have the possibility to upload the structure directly from the website. Currently sending via email is not possible.

What kind of analysis do tree testing reports cover?

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Most common types of analysis are Task Statistics, First click analysis, Paths, Destinations or PieTree. There are a few others, depending on which application are you using. Bounce rate and cost per click metrics are also part of the online world, but the belong to online marketing dashboards.

What does the term IA stand for?

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Exactly, it represents the structure of labels and categories on your website.

What are the efficient ways to recruit testers?

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You have many ways to bring testers to your tree tests. The most used and recommended ones are using a widget on your site, share a link to your study within your audience or renting audience panel from a partner company.

What is said to be the ideal number of testers?

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It is good to have at least 30 testers, ideally 50 in order to get objective answers. There is no upper limit

What question can tree testing definitely help you answer?

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Tree testing is all about the information architecture what means it gives you answers whether people can find what they are looking for on your website, even without design.

What apps do usually not belong to a UX researcher's toolkit?

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There are loads of apps on the market at the moment. Business Manager from Facebook serves to work with your brand page on facebook and Mailchimp is a tool to create and send email newsletters.

What reason is usually the screening used for?

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Questionnaire is the tool to find out more information about a particular tester. You can then create segments and filter the results. But screening is used for an initial filter to check who is allowed to test and who is not.

Do you agree or not: The best respondents are your current users/customers.

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Indeed, you can get relevant answers from people who don't know your brand. But opinions and experience of your current customers and users should be crucial when trying to make your website more effective.


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