Optimal Workshop

Let’s take a look at Optimal Workshop as a tree testing tool and discover how it contributes to the world of UX.

What is Optimal Workshop?

optimal workshop

Optimal Workshop is an online user research and tree testing tool that you can use to test your website’s information architecture and usability, pinpoint the issues and improve the user experience.

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Optimal Workshop features

Although not so extensive, Optimal Workshop’s features list has various tools that could help you empathize with your users. 

Some of them include: 

Althought Optimal Workshop has an impressive toolkit, there are several other tools on the market that offer even more features for a much better price.
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Treejack and Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop provides a specialized tree testing tool called Treejack. Read more on What is Treejack?

Treejack is basically the same thing as your regular tree test, only named in a different way. This terminology was brought by Optimal Workshop itself. 

Tree test is a perfect study to conduct when you need to test the effectiveness of your website’s navigation or create new Information architecture models.

Optimal workshop card sort

Another popular tool by Optimal Workshop is their Card Sorting tool, also known as Optimalsort. Just like with tree testing, Optimalsort essentially describes the same method, only it has a different name to it.

In the card sorting approach of UX research, participants sort individual labels into several groups based on the specific criterias that make sense to them. Card sorting is a perfect method for structuring your content, labeling items and fine-tuning your website’s navigation.

card sorting is similar to tree testing

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What is Optimal Workshop used for?

Optimal Workshop is a usability testing platform used to test your products with real users to ensure the best user experience. It offers tools such as tree testing tools, tools for card sorting, first click testing, surveys, and qualitative research.

Is Optimal Workshop free?

Optimal Workshop offers a free plan, but it is very limited. The full usage of the platform is not free. The paid plans start at $208 / month.

What is a tree test in Optimal Workshop called?

In Optimal Workshop, a tree test is referred to as “Treejack”. Treejack is a specific tool within the Optimal Workshop that doesn’t dramatically differ in functionality from other tree testing tools.